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Tyler and Matt try their best to talk about movies. Weekly (hopefully) shows begin with a review of a current movie in theaters and just go downhill from there.

April 5, 2017

Episode #30: Final Four Podcast

Apparently we're a sports show now. John and Peter the Cheek Beater join Matt for a recap of the NCAA Final Four in Phoenix, AZ and then Tyler jumps on for a countdown of the Top 5 Underdog Movies. Please enjoy this aside and stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Movies With Morons content.


The write-in contest is still going strong. We'll be reading two entries on next week's show so be sure to write us at To sweeten the pot, Tyler stole girl scout cookies from the Army and we'll be giving those out to the winner as well.

March 22, 2017

Episode #29: Beauty and the Beast and The Belko Experiment

On Sunday March 19th, Tyler and Matt saw The Belko Experiment, then got brunch, then saw Beauty and the Beast. This is their story. Other discussions include the Movies With Morons write-in contest (more below), The Great Marvel Boycott and DYGAF. Follow us on Twitter @movieswmorons or send us an email at


MOVIES WITH MORONS WRITE-IN CONTEST: From now until TAX DAY (April 18th) anybody who writes in to or leaves a Five-Star review on iTunes will be entered into a drawing. The winner will get to be a guest host on a future Movies With Morons podcast AND if you live in Seattle and win, Tyler and Matt will come to your place and cook you dinner prior to podcasting. Good Luck!

March 17, 2017

Episode #28: Kong: Skull Island

Matt and a SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST review Kong: Skull Island when Matt pays a visit to Boulder, CO (**hint**). Other topics include DYGAF, Trailer Talk and ANOTHER SPECIAL MYSTERY GUEST. So many special mystery guests, so little time. Follow us on Twitter: @movieswmorons. Email:

March 15, 2017

Episode #27: Get Out // Oscar Talk

Tyler and Matt review Get Out and recap the 89th Annual Academy Awards. Very topical stuff. And that's pretty much it. We talked about Get Out and the Oscars. This thing is an hour and sixteen minutes long and we talk about Get Out and the Oscars. Don't say you weren't prepared. Spoiler discussion starts at 59:50

February 6, 2017

Episode #26: The Super Bowl Show also Gold, I Guess

What started out as a perfectly good review of the new movie Gold turned into something none of us could have predicted as the New England Patriots of Foxborough mounted a historic comeback in Super Bowl LI. Aside from the movie review we've got pre-game, half time and post-game updates as well as some retroactive ballot casting for the least deserving Best Picture Winners.

January 27, 2017

Episode #25: Split // Oscar Talk

Tyler and Matt review Split. Other discussions include a rundown of Oscar nominations and snubs, Tyler shares a strange story about seeing The Happening and we do DYGAF. Remember to rate 5 stars on itunes and leave a review and we will read your review on air. Split spoiler discussion starts at 1:14:45

January 14, 2017

Episode #24: Top 8 Movies of the Year Presented by MySpace©

Tyler and Matt decide which movies from 2016 make their Top 8 just to start drama with other movies. Listeners call in, we hand out honorable and dishonorable mentions and hold our own as-yet-unnamed awards. Great time had by all.

December 8, 2016

Episode #23: Arrival

Tyler and Matt review the new movie Arrival. Tyler briefly resigns, John calls in with a Love Actually gripe and everyone goes home happy.

November 4, 2016

Episode #22: Best of the Decade Anniversary Countown

In a celebration of love, friendship and a year of dodgy podcasting, guest host John joins Tyler and Matt as they countdown the Top Ten Movies of the Decade So Far. Listeners share their favorites, the hosts try to guess each other's picks and, as always, we wrap things up with a little DYGAF

September 16, 2016

Episode #21: Don’t Think Twice

Tyler and Matt review Don't Think Twice. Other topics include Top 5 Football Movies in honor of the NFL's return, DYGAF and more condom discussion